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UNDERCOVER  Motorsports, INC.


Ultra Swing Arm Dragster

Carbon Fiber body and interior, 245" wheelbase, 41 #'s lighter than a 240", ready for 200+ mph!
Important! This car is specially designed for the fast dragster classes.  Due to this, the "standard features" of this car include many items that are considered options on the Sportsman Series  as well as some items that are not available on the Sportsman Series.  Please take some time and read through the option list to get a good understanding of what's included, or give us a call!
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245” wheelbase

4130 chrome-moly chassis

CNC cut and jig fixtured

Designed for Top Comp and Top Dragster

Especially designed for high horse power applications

Built to pass Advanced ET specs

Professionally built and heli arc welded

Heat treated and powder coated chassis

Custom low profile roll cage

Hidden roll cage helmet bars

Roll cage exit handles

Undercover Motorsports chassis ID tag

Helmet tab

Adjustable headrest mount

In nose battery mount

Mid chassis battery mount

Battery hold down straps

Battery ground tabs

Battery charging lug mount

Master switch mount

Master switch cable mount

Ignition tray mounts

Dash board mounts

Master cylinder mount

Remote master cylinder mount

Pedal assembly mounts

Gas & brake pedal assembly

Gas pedal stop

Gas pedal cable mount

Brake pedal stop

Brake pedal “adjustable” rod

Parachute lever & cable mounts

Lower seat belt mounts

Lower seat belt hanging tabs

Upper seat belt hanging hooks

.125 6061 “engraved” blow shield

Reinforced blow shield mounts

Electric fuel pump mount

Fuel cell mounts

Fuel cell cover strap

5 gal. Poly fuel cell “custom”

Fuel cell filler neck & cap with roll over valve

Fuel cell LED light mount & LED light

Fuel cell LED light switch mount & switch

Radiator mounts

Chassis cable hole covers

Shifter mount

Engine limiter kit

Engine saddles

Engine saddle t-bolt clamps

.200 4 Link bracket with reinforced hole support plates

Wheelie bar mounts

Drain plug and pressure vent

Filler and view bung and cap

1.250 x .095 4130 upper link bars

1.250 x .095 4130 ultra X link with custom shock “A” frame

Custom front 4 Link brackets with holes for fine-tuning

1.000 x .083 4130 360-degree drive shaft loop

Anti roll “torsion bar system”

Custom built double adjustable shock

Heavy-duty shock spring

4130 chrome-moly heim joints through out

Grade 8 and NAS bolts, washers, and nuts through out



Mono strut wing mounts

Front adjustable canard wing mounts & hardware kit

K&R circuit board mounting frame

Handbrake mounting & hardware kit

Racepak exhaust probe junction box mounts

Nitrous bottle rack mounts – front under body

Nitrous bottle rack

Remote C0’2 bottle mount

Remote C0’2 filler line tab

Remote C0’2 electric on-off solenoid mount

Dual parachute lever and cable mounts

Dual parachute mounts

Dual parachute lanyard mounts

Converter LED light mounts

Behind dash electrical crossbar w/ mounting tabs



Strange 40 Spline Gun Drilled Axles

Superlight milled flanges

Axles bearings

5/8" studs/nuts

Strange 9" Aluminum housing, 40 spline spool, 4.10 ProGear, Billet yoke




Strange Billet dual brakes w/2 piece rotors

Tilton Master Cylinder

Strange Remote Master Cylinder

Inline 2lb residual valve

Dual Brake Line Kit

4130 Chrome Moly driveshaft w/billet ends & billet yoke

Roller bearing trans yoke upgrade

Heavy duty u bolts




In dash Racepak dash cut out

Custom dash dzus kit

Tinted windscreen

Ultra light weight body carbon fiber body “upgrade”

Carbon fiber rear cover w/wing cutouts




Ron Davis aluminum radiator, fan & shroud

Ron Davis radiator mounting kit

Radiator petcock valve

CSR remote water pump kit

RaceChrome billet water overflow tank

Water system plumbing kit - Black braid w/polished nickel fittings

Overflow tank line kit - nylon

Standard heavy duty racing transmission cooler

Trans cooler plumbing kit - Black braid w/polished nickel fittings

Racechrome Billet transmission overflow tank

Transmission overflow tank plumbing kit - nylon




Add pockets to Custom embroidered full seat pad

Dual Stroud 4001 parachutes

Full aluminum belly pan




Undercover carbon fiber monostrut wing




16x16 Weld Magnum Lightweight bead locks, black centers

17x2.25 Weld V's, Black anodized

Install races and pack wheel bearings, front

Mount & balance fronts

Mount & balance rears

34.5x17x16 Hoosier rears

22.0x17x2.25 Hoosier fronts


Spitzer Carbon Fiber Aero Max scoop

Custom flat tray with cut outs

Throttle return spring kit

DFS custom tubular dial board mount w/LED taillight mount

Flip-a-dial board




Complete dual parachute cable kit

Complete throttle cable kit

Billet cable knob upgrade on all cables


All components installed, professionally wired, plumbed, engine & driveline installed, test fired, race ready!




Magnafuel pro series pump

Dual Quickfuel regulators

All plumbing black braid w/polished nickel fittings




ARC dual voltage pressure controlled bottle heater

10' D-6 Nitrous Express triple insulated line

6' D-6 Nitrous Express triple insulated line

12" D-6 Nitrous Express braided line

Hi Flow Tee Valve


Reinforced “heavy-duty” motor mounts

7075 .250 profiled front & mid motor plates

Vacuum puke tank mount

Transmission puke tank mount

Remote water pump mount

Water expansion tank mount

Interior cockpit LED light mounts & lights

Ignition tray LED light mount & light

Remote starter button mount

Brake line tabs

Multiple component ground tabs

Parachute mount

Parachute lanyard mount

Custom 5052 .040 aero body

Streamlined and aerodynamic designed

Lower ground effects body lip

Custom aero carbon fiber body vents, top & side

MR5000 windscreen “molded”

7075 aluminum aircraft dzus fasteners & springs

Aero nose with aluminum support plates

Ignition access door

Carbon fiber suspension cover pan

Carbon fiber floor pan

Carbon fiber interior bulkhead

Carbon fiber leg protection plate

Carbon fiber dash “with all cut outs”

Carbon fiber dash cover

Carbon fiber ignition tray

Carbon fiber floor tunnel - Glove box

Dash dzus kit

Custom built aero a-arms

7075 aluminum spindles with tow caps

Custom aluminum light weight dragster rack & pinion

Modified light weight steering shafts

Steering shaft safety stops

Nylon “locking” steering shaft idler bushing

Mark Williams steering wheel quick disconnect

Carbon fiber “custom” butterfly steering wheel

Carbon fiber steering wheel button mount

SFI roll cage padding

SFI helmet bar padding

Adjustable padded & embroidered headrest

Fully padded & embroidered seat pad

Master cut off cable kit

Cockpit master cut off cable kit

Parachute cable kit

Ultra Swing Arm rear suspension

9” “Ultra Strong” fabricated rear end housing

.250 face plate with multiple internal gussets

3.250 axle tubes welded to internal bulkheads



K&R Pro Cube II w/ZForce, carbon illusion

K&R flush mount kit

K&R Super Duty switch panel & relay board, carbon illusion

DFS Wiring kit complete, custom labels & weatherpacks

DFS Nitrous wiring kit complete, custom labels & weatherpacks

Transbrake button w/cord

Bumpdown button w/cord

Burnout button w/cord

Backup button in dash

Nitrous override button w/cord

Nitrous arm switch with cover

Nitrous purge button in dash

LED Taillight in dial board mount

XS Power Lithium Ion Battery

Single battery cable kit

Battery charging lug kit, plug in

Heavy duty master cut off switch

Billet master cut off switch arm

B&M Pro Magnum Stealth Shifter

B&M CO2 solenoid and valve

Small CO2 bottle

Billet aluminum bottle knob

Small CO2 billet bottle mounts - 2

Single preset regulator

CO2 air line kit, nylon

K&R PS/LW throttle control




V300 Data Recorder - Serial Download

UDX Display Dash

Pro Analog Transducer box

Vnet adaptor - Pro Transducer box

0-15 Fuel Pressure Transducer

0-100 Engine Oil Pressure Transducer

0-15 Nitrous Fuel Pressure Transducer

15-0 Vacuum Transducer

Vnet Dual Channel 02 sensor - 1 on each collector

Vnet Nitrous Bottle Pressure, 0-1500

Vnet Water Temp 0-300

Analog Shock Travel Kit, sensor & interface

Vnet cable 72", dash to ign tray

Vnet cable 96", ign tray to blowshield

Vnet cable 60", blowshield to rear of engine

Vnet Tee 18"

Interface cable 120", ign tray to shock tower




Powder coat interior:  Black Wrinkle

Powder coat chassis:  Anthracite

Powder coat radiator





Spindle arms

Tie rods

Spindle tow caps

Handbrake rod

Parachute levers

Helmet tab

Roll cage exit handles

Cockpit on/off cable billet knob

Fuel pump on/of cable knob

Seat belt hooks

Small CO2 bottle

Billet CO2 bottle knob

Billet CO2 bottle clamps

Blow shield

Engine saddles

Engine water crossover

Water overflow tank

Vacuum puke tank

Transmission puke tank

Tubular dial board mount

Fuel cell cap

Upper Ultra Link bars

X frame

Torsion arms

Torsion struts

Trans ring

Trans ring struts

Driveshaft loop

Master cut off cable billet knob 

Radiator shroud & side plates

Rear end filler cap




Oakley Motorsports 632, Dart raised cam Aluminum block, Profiler 12 degree heads, Profiler Intake, Coated Titanium valves, T&D Shaft rockers & Jesel belt drive, Moroso alum pan, billet pump, Callies Crank, GRP rods, coated Diamond pistons, Oakley profile cam shaft, 55mm cam bearings, Crower .937 red zone lifters, Smith Bros pushrods, Aerospace Crank trigger, Quickfuel/Oakley gasoline 1450, RPD mount, Speedtech hardline and softline fogger kits reworked and flowed by Induction Solutions, MSD distributor, Moroso wires, Sheet metal valve covers, Star Vac pump system, Performance Welding Stainless headers w/merge collectors, Black Nitroplate.  Engine was brand new in June 2012, has 93 passes on it.  Dyno figures available to purchaser.  Car runs 4.40/6.90 on the motor in the heat and humidity, normally aspirated with the NOS converter, but routinely runs 4.teens in the 170's and 6.50's at over 207 MPH on a standard NOS tune up in TD trim.


Abruzzi Real Deal TD Glide & TCI 9 converter round out the driveline.

Specs updated as the car changes, and provided as an insight into what DFS is able to do for our customers that wish to enter into the competitive world of T/D.  This car is only available as a complete turnkey package for the most discriminating buyer who wishes to not hassle around for years learning how to qualify and compete in D3 Top Dragster.  At the end of the season, the engine will be freshened and the car will be offered for sale for $90,000.  This does include many spare parts and access to our databases as well as assistance with qualifying.  This car and engine combo qualified at or near the top half of every Divisional and National event entered during the 2012 season.
JB Strassweg

812-434-2203 ofc